I have supervised many BSc students covering a wide range of topics from more theoretical aspects to very practically oriented ones. Here a list of the most recent/current BSc students:

2021/07/14 Patrick v. Buerden

Patrick works on code generation for out-of-core computations on GPUs, i.e., kernels that perform operations on data that are too large to be stored in their entirety on GPU devices.

He finished his thesis in May 2022.

2021/12/20 17:01 · sbscholz

2021/04/16 Thomas van Harskamp

Thomas works on flat representations for dimension-homogenously-nested multi-dimensional arrays. His particular goal is to investigate the performance trade-offs of different possible flat representations.

He finished his thesis in October 2021.

2021/12/20 16:55 · sbscholz

2020/09/11 Jordy Aaldering

Jordy works on a new semantics for functional array languages that guarantees a certain level of laziness despite building on a strict execution mechanism. Key to this apparent contradiction is a form of offline partial evaluation which is manifested through program re-writes before the actual program evaluation.

He finished his thesis in early 2021.

2021/03/23 23:53 · sbscholz

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