I have supervised many interns covering a wide range of topics from more theoretical aspects to very practically oriented ones. Here a list of the most recent/current interns:

2021/11/05 Michiel Verloop

Michiel works on a low-maintenance generic language server for VS-code that utilises a programming languageā€™s compiler as language interface? He develops a prototypical implementation for the SaC compiler.

2021/12/20 17:26 · sbscholz

2021/09/06 Leo Cornelissem

Leo works on a comparison in code generation techniques for GPUs used in Futhark and in SaC.

2021/12/20 17:31 · sbscholz

2021/08/27 Bjorn Jacobs

Bjorn investigates the relation between nested and flat array representations of shape-homogeneously nested arrays. He develops a representation agnostic C interface and evaluates the performance of a flat vs. a nested implementation for a few benchmarks.

2021/12/20 17:22 · sbscholz

2021/01/15 Steven van der Vorm

Steven experiments with mixed precision arrays. Here, the key idea is to represent arrays whose elements have different requirements in precision by sets of arrays of different precision. The goal of the internship is to evaluate an idea of potential performance gains through such an approach.

He finished in August 2021.

2021/03/24 00:09 · sbscholz

2020/09/10 Reg Huijben

Reg picks up on earlier work from Hraban Juyat & Clemens Grelck at UvA on eight-weight records in array languages. The key idea is to view records as syntactical sugar for sets of individual field variables. Reg improves the existing formal specification and suggests an extension enabling nesting of records as well as arrays of records.

He finished in March 2021.

2021/03/24 00:05 · sbscholz

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